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Fernweh, meaning; “far-sicknesses” or a longing for far off places

When the Covid-19 pandemic hit we all found ourselves living in a new reality. Once we went to restaurants, concerts, and wandered the globe in search of our perfect getaways, and then it all stopped. There was a crazy rush of trip cancellations as the borders closed and then travel agents everywhere found themselves without jobs…

We are two of those agents. Without travel we had no work, and no prospect of travel on the horizons. We were stressed, and scared, and sad. We would often console ourselves with talk of faraway places we’d been to or would love to visit. One afternoon inspiration struck as we washed our hands for the ten millionth time since Covid emerged. What if the soap we were using wouldn’t strip our hands of moisture, and what if it was all natural and not full of chemicals and preservatives? What if every time we washed our hands the smell whisked us away to a sunny lemon orchard in Capri, or a snow capped mountain in the Rocky Mountains? And thus, Fernweh Apothecary was born.

Our goal is to bring the scents of your favourite places around the world into your home, through beautiful, natural, locally made soaps and bath products.

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